From the beginning of the walk there was a tension between visibility and invisibility, with the water of both river and swamps moving in and out of our fields of vision as we attempted to make sense of what we were doing. The long grass growing out of the swamp, and the expanse of warehouses and factories along the river, meant that shorelines became obscured. This littoral space was always just out of reach.

By re-walking, we will be entering into the unstable precariousness of being between walks. We have already done one walk but will do it again, so are halfway, even though we have finished. While walking we re-determine the first walk, adjusting our memory of it and smudging our past footprints with the new ones. Or perhaps we will take the greatest care to re-tread the same steps, matching our own footprints and not stepping in the footprints of the other.

Lull is a publication that acts as a loose transcript of a past and future walk Jacqui and I took along the Maribyrnong River, from Pipemakers Park to a pier in Newport.

Lull is an edition of 100.

To purchase online, click HERE (+p/h) and include your name and address in the comments section, or email me to arrange purchase in person or via bank transfer.

Lull is a part of the KINGS Artist-Run 2016 project ‘Starting Point’ coordinated by Alice Mathieu. Alongside Therese Keogh and Jacqui Shelton, participating artists include Nathan Gray and Lodovica Guarnieri and Lorenzo Gerbi.

This project is supported by the City of Melbourne 2016 Arts Grants Program.

*all images courtesy Jacqui Shelton and Tim Royall